Accepting hipages leads in hipages tradiecore

To accept hipages leads in hipages tradiecore you must have a hipages subscription with sufficient lead credits. If you have run out of lead credits, you will not be able to accept leads in hipages tradiecore. Please contact hipages for further assistance.

To accept leads,

  1. Select the Leads tab in the navigation bar.

  2. Browse the list of leads shown on the screen by scrolling down.

  3. Slide down the screen to view more information about the job.

  4. To view the photos of the job attached to the lead, select an image.

  5. To accept the lead, select Accept.

    You will be prompted to confirm acceptance of the lead.

  6. Select Accept to proceed.

    A pop-up message will be displayed confirming lead acceptance.

  7. Select Go To Job Details to view information related to the job and to start job-related activities such as creating and sending quotes, creating and managing appointments etc.