The Invoices section is the main workspace related to creating, changing or deleting invoices related to jobs. This section shows a list of all the invoices that you have created for all the jobs in hipages tradiecore. It also contains filter options for you to easily search for and display your invoices.

Each invoice has a status indicator showing you the stage of the invoice. The statuses for an invoice are: 

  • Draft

  • Sent

  • Paid

  • Cancelled

If you have set up hipages payments in hipages tradiecore your customer will receive a payment link in their invoice email to pay via card. Additionally, the invoice PDF will also have your bank details (BSB and account number) included giving your customers the option of carrying out a bank transfer. When a customer makes a digital payment the status of the invoice will automatically change to paid.

However, if your customer chooses to carry out a bank transaction the invoice status will not automatically change. In this case, it is recommended that you manually change the status of the invoice.


An invoice must always be associated with a job in hipages tradiecore. You cannot create invoices that do not have a corresponding job.

Invoices List Invoices section of a job

You can create an invoice in the following two methods: 

  • Opening the Invoices list and selecting New Invoice .

  • By selecting New Invoice in the Invoices section of a job.