Automatic Reminders

The Automatic Reminders feature is used to send your customers automatic reminders about making their payments. Reminders to customers can increase on-time payment and can speed up overdue payments.

Invoice payment reminders are sent automatically to your customers, 3 days before the due date and 7 days after.

By default, reminders are turned On for each invoice. You can see the reminder status and change it at any time, from the Automatic Reminders option of each invoice.

Reminders will not be sent to your customers when you mark the invoice as paid.


If you mark an invoice as paid, reminders will not be sent to your customers. So remember to mark your invoices as paid, to avoid unnecessary reminders being sent out to customers.

Disabling Reminders

To disable invoice reminders,

  1. Open the invoice and select Automatic Reminders.

  2. Choose Off from the pop up screen.