Tax Inclusive and Exclusive

Your GST tax options for each invoice are set using this option. You can choose whether GST tax is included or excluded in the amounts that you are entering into the quote or invoice you are creating. This is so that you do not have to calculate GST amounts when issuing invoices for specific values.


By default, hipages tradiecore applies the Tax Exclusive option to all invoices.

  • Tax Inclusive - Indicates that the invoice amount that you are entering includes the GST tax amount. When you select this option, hipages tradiecore will not add the tax amount to the subtotal. Instead, the GST row will calculate the tax amount based on the value you entered and display it.

  • Tax Exclusive - Indicates that the invoice values that you are entering do not include the GST tax amounts. In this case, hipages tradiecore will calculate the tax amount for each of the items that you enter and add the tax amount to the final total of the invoice.