Setting up a new business

If you do not have a Stripe account or you want to set up a new Stripe business, follow the steps listed here.

  1. Navigate to the Tell us about your business screen. This screen is displayed if you do not have a Stripe account and you entered the Stripe verification code or if you select the Create a new business option when Connecting to hipages Payments.

  2. Using the Type of business option, choose what type your business is as per your ABN Entity Type. The available options are:

    • Company

    • Partnership

    • Trust

    • Individual / Sole Trader

    • Not-for-profit (NFP)

  3. Choose the structure of your business, using the Business structure option. You can choose if your company is a Proprietary company or if it is a Public company.

  4. Select Continue. The Tell us more about your business screen will be displayed.

  5. Enter the following information for your business. Non-mandatory fields have been indicated with the Optional label.

    • Legal business name

    • Australian business number (ABN)

    • Australian company number (ACN)

    • Business name (Optional)

    • Registered business address

    • Business website

  6. When you are done, select Continue.

    You will then be asked to verify your management of the company. This section can be filled by you or by someone else who has significant control or management of your company.

  7. Enter the following to verify the business.

    • Legal name

    • Email address

    • Job title

    • Date of birth

    • Home address

    • Phone number

  8. Then choose your level of ownership or management within the company by selecting either, I own 25% of the company or I am a member of the governing board of the company options.

    Depending on the options that you select, you will be further prompted to provide additional information. Such as confirming that only you own 25% of the company or more, or whether you are the only person on the governing board of the company.

  9. Enter the percentage of the business that you have ownership of, in Percent ownership of your business.

  10. Select Continue to proceed. You will then be prompted to enter information about the executives of your company.

  11. Select Done, continue to proceed.

  12. You will then be prompted to choose your preferred method to receive payouts from your customers. You can choose to either receive payments via direct debit into your bank account or specifying a debit card.

    If you select the Bank account option, enter your BSB number, Account number, and re-enter it again in Confirm account number.

    If you select the Debit card option, enter your Card number and Expiry date.

  13. Once you have completed entering your payment details, select Continue. You will then be prompted to review the information that you entered.

  14. If the information you entered is correct, select Agree & Submit.

    You will then receive an email from Stripe confirming that you are ready to receive payments via Stripe.

    You can now send invoices and quotes with deposits to your customers and receive credit card payments.