Reporting a lead in-app

The lead reporting option in hipages tradiecore lets you report a lead to hipages support. The option of reporting a lead to hipages support is only applicable for 7 days after you accept a lead. Once you report a lead hipages support will review your report and provide a resolution within 5 business days. If your report is considered as valid, hipages will credit the value of the lead back to your lead credit balance.

More information about the lead review process and what is considered a genuine lead, see Lead Review Process.

When reporting a lead you are given several options to select and specify the issue type. These are: 

  • Job is not as described

  • Contact details are wrong

  • Incorrect location

  • Job in wrong category

  • Other


When a is lead report has been submitted the status of the job will automatically change to cancelled, the status of the job can be manually changed if needed. The Lead Information section will also be updated showing the Customer Enquiry along with the reason that has been selected for reporting the lead.

To report a lead follow these steps or watch this video,

  1. Open the job that you want to raise a report for.

  2. Scroll down the job.

  3. In the Customer Enquiry section and select the report icon.

    The Report Lead pop-up is displayed with a list of reasons that you can select for reporting the lead.

  4. Select the applicable reason for reporting the lead. See below for information about each category.

    Depending on the reason that you select, you will be prompted to specify additional information or the following confirmation message about your lead will be displayed.

  1. Once you have completed entering the required information for the reason that you chose, select Submit report.

    This option is only enabled after you enter relevant information into the space provided.

    You will also receive confirmation about your lead report in message centre.

Watch video