Connecting to Xero

Follow the steps listed here to set up Xero integration with hipages tradiecore. hipages tradiecore supports full synchronisation with Xero. Any changes you make to an invoice in Xero are automatically updated in hipages tradiecore and any changes made in hipages tradiecore will be reflected in Xero.



In order to connect to Xero, you will require a Xero subscription. For information on how to set up a Xero account see, Create a Xero Account.

Invoices will not be updated in the accounting system in Draft state, they will only be updated in Xero after they are sent to the customer via email.

  1. On the To Do screen, select Settings → Integrations.

    The Integrations screen will be displayed.

  2. In the Available Connections section, select Connect to Xero.

    This will open the Xero login screen.

  3. Enter your email address and password and select Login.

    Make sure that the email address and password you enter are what you used to sign up for Xero.

    The Xero Organisational Data screen will be displayed.

  4. In the Xero Organisational Data screen select Allow Access.

    This is to confirm whether hipages tradiecore can have access to your Xero account. hipages tradiecore requires access so we can send invoice and accounting information to your Xero account automatically.

  5. Next, select Ok, lets go to begin setting up your accounting preferences.

    The hipages tradiecore Xero screen is then displayed showing the connection to Xero under Revenue Accounts.

  6. To set your revenue account preferences, select General Sales, under Revenue Accounts.

    You will see a list of all the sales accounts you have in Xero. For more information on the chart of accounts see, Chart of Accounts.

  7. Choose the account that you want to record financial transactions against from your Chart of Accounts.

  8. Select Update, to save your preference.

  9. If your Xero account has been disconnected from hipages tradiecore, it is indicated with red Disconnected text on the Integrations screen. Select Xero to reconnect.

  10. Select Continue to reconnect to Xero. Then follow from steps listed above to reconnect Xero to Tradiecore again.