Connecting to QuickBooks

Follow the steps listed here to set up QuickBooks integration with hipages tradiecore. hipages tradiecore supports full synchronisation with QuickBooks . Any changes you make to an invoice or customer in QuickBooks are automatically updated in hipages tradiecore and any changes made in hipages tradiecore will be reflected in QuickBooks .


In order to connect to QuickBooks, you will require a QuickBooks account. For information on how to set up a QuickBooks account see, https://QuickBooks

  1. On the To Do screen, select Settings → Integrations.

    The Integrations screen will be displayed.

  2. Select Connect to QuickBooks, in the Available Connections sections .

    This will open the QuickBooks login screen.

  3. Enter the email address and password of your QuickBooks account and select Sign In.

  4. To maintain security, QuickBooks will require that you enter a verification code. Choose the method that you would prefer to receive the code.

  5. Enter the verification code that you receive and select Continue.

  6. QuickBooks will then prompt you to choose a company for your accounting purposes. Use the drop-down list to choose the company that you want, and select Next.

    If you do not want to specify a company, select No, thanks.

  7. Your customer and invoice information will be automatically synchronised between QuickBooks and hipages tradiecore. This process may take up to 10 minutes. When complete, select Ok, lets go.

  8. Next, set up your chart of accounts, by selecting the General option. 

    This displays a list of all the accounts you have in QuickBooks .

  9. Choose the account you want, and select Update.

    When QuickBooks has successfully connected to hipages tradiecore the Integrations screen is updated to show your account connection. Your invoices will also be updated to show that they have been sent to QuickBooks .