Changing coverage areas

The Coverage Area option is used to define the area in which you operate. You can specify a maximum driving distance. hipages tradiecore will use the maximum driving distance as the radius from which to define your operational area. Your Coverage Area is initially defined when you register with hipages tradiecore. However, you can change it as needed.

To add, edit, or delete your coverage area, follow these steps:

  1. Select Profile → My Business → Lead Settings.

    The Lead Settings screen is displayed, showing you the number of Categories that you provide services for and your Coverage Area.

  2. To view and change your service area, select Coverage Area. This displays the Coverage area screen with your maximum driving distance and the postcodes that you have selected.

    The from postcode row shows you the initial postcode that you entered when creating your account. hipages tradiecore uses the from postcode and the Maximum driving distance value to determine your coverage area.

  3. To change the from postcode, select the row and enter the new postcode you want in the Centre postcode screen.

    This will change the suburbs and the postcodes shown to you in the Coverage area screen.

  4. Select or clear postcodes that you want for each of the areas listed in on the Coverage Area screen.

  5. Expand a suburb to view the available postcodes by selecting the row.

    If the checkbox next to a main suburb has a tick mark, it indicates that you have selected all the postcodes as areas in which you provide service to your customers.

    If the checkbox next to an area has a dash, it indicates that you have selected only some of the postcodes as areas that you prefer to work in.

    You also have the option to visualise your coverage area through a map presentation. See Viewing coverage area on a map for more information.


If you are moving your coverage area entirely or you require multiple coverage areas contact our support team.