Messaging hipages hipages tradiecore Support

To send a message to hipages tradiecore support,

  1. On the To Do screen, select Settings → Help & Support.

    This displays the Help & Support screen.

  2. Select Contact Support.

    A pop up list is displayed with the following three options:

    • 1300762862


    • Message Support in app

  3. Select Message Support in app.

    The hipages Support message centre is displayed.

  4. Enter your message in the message field.

  5. To send photos or files to support, select the plus icon .

    A pop up is displayed, showing you a list of options you can use to upload photos or files for support to view.

  6. To take a photo with your camera, select Take A Photo. Your camera app is then launched.

  7. Take a photo and select send .

  8. If you have photos of the job already saved on your phone, select Photo library.

  9. Choose the photo(s) that you want to send and select send .

  10. To upload other files select Files.

  11. Choose the files you want and select send .